One and a Half Gooches at the Busiest Day of the MN State Fair!

It's late August which means one of my favorite things to do in Minnesota is upon us - The Great Minnesota Get-Together. It's fair time, people! It is the chance to people watch like a pro, see more animals in one hour than the rest of the year combined, and of course, calorie load like you are not going to see another meal until Thanksgiving. 

This year, baby G and I got to go to the fair twice. Once on a typical sweltering day and again on a cool, breezy day that brought out 236,197 of our closest friends {it was a fair record people!}. All I could say, the more the merrier!

Tasting some honey ice cream

Pregnancy cravings! Fried pickles and chocolate!

Getting an autograph from a local artist

It was a  wonderful few days full of walking, trying new foods, and making lasting memories!

Vi ses senare!
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