Baby G's Nursery Reveal

Honestly, preparing Baby G's nursery has been one of the more stressful parts of pregnancy. We hadn't started clearing out office furniture and the knicknacks that had piled up in the spare bedroom until a few weeks ago. So naturally, at my stage, I wasn't able to help with painting or any of the heavy lifting that was needed for the transformation. Somehow in my preggo brain I had equated my ability to prepare the nursery with my readiness to be a mom. Without a lick of paint on the walls a few weeks before my due date, I had come to the conclusion that I was in no way prepared to be a mom as my lack of nursery proved. With lots of panicking, crying in the front yard, and finally taking one giant chill-pill, I was able to take it one waddle at a time and just let the nursery fall into place. With much help from my family, I think the room turned out perfect!

Ikea proved to be a great resource for decor and furniture alike. The ABC print, the sheepskin, the shelves above the changing table, and the changing table all were bought at Ikea. I was also able to re-purpose Ikea items I already had, like the tall bookshelf and the table lamp. The crib is the only item I picked up at Target.

Many of the sweet tchotchkes in the room were gifts from friends and family at my baby showers.

Etsy and Ikea made the cardboard trophy wall art possible. I was happy with how they add dimension to the flat wall space. Check out more details on the trophy art here.

Family was also a good resource for snagging some furniture for the nursery. Our rocker came from my parents and the side table is from Dan's grandparents. I left the windows bare as I haven't decided on the style of shade I am looking for and if I would like to DIY or buy. Mini-blinds aren't my jam, but they serve the purpose for now.

We chose to use a dresser instead of a use-specific changing table. This allows us to elongate the usable life of the nursery furniture as baby G transitions from baby to potty-trained toddler. My husband was at first not comfortable with the dresser-as-a-changing-table until he saw that the changing pad screwed to the back of the dresser to avoid slippage. 

Perhaps my favorite part of the room is the birch wall decals. These were what I based the design of the room. I love birch! {maybe too much!} It seemed so fitting for a fall baby and its relatively gender neutral if baby #2 comes along and needs to share a room. The decal is from Innovative Stencils. I found that the decal was reasonably priced and easy-ish to install. Innovative Stencils has quite a few different natural designs that make perusing their website quite fun.

Now just waiting on baby!

Vi ses senare!
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  1. This is so pretty my friend. I got so many inspirations for my baby’s nursery. And the fact that it is having perfect colors that I too like a lot. At the nearby party venue in LA I also got a baby shower on this weekend and the marble themed has seriously impressed me. Big thanks to my mom and sister.


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