DIY Trophy Head Frames

I have always loved the cardboard trophy heads. My mom bought a deer head years ago, before they were mainstream popular {I know, total hipster move} to add to her Christmas decorations. When I was brainstorming décor for Ethan’s nursery, I kept coming back to cardboard trophy heads. I was not thrilled with idea of just taping it to the wall without any fanfare so I got busy figuring out how to frame a 3D object. When the dust settled this is what I came up with…

I am very pleased with the outcome; and I didn’t ruin any supplies in the process! That’s always a plus!

I’m not sure this should be labeled a DIY considering I just glued some bought items together, but I will show you what I did anyway.

The Supplies:
Micro Bucky head and Micro Fred head
2 Ribba frames (9 ¾” x 9 ¾”)
Tube of liquid nails {I have a handy husband and he has a variety of adhesives available at any given time.}
Off-white 100# card stock paper {I had some left over from my wedding invitations}

The Process:
Put together the trophy heads per instruction
Take the backing off the frame and pull everything out {even the glass}
Take the framed paper and trace the size on the cardstock, cut out
Put the frame back together in the following order: matting, cardstock, filler paper, glass, frame backing
Squeeze out enough liquid nails on the back of the trophy head to go around the edges and cover the fittings where the head attaches to the flat cardboard piece
Center on the cardstock in the middle of the matting, press down
Make sure all edges are pressed down and the glue has not squished out the sides
Set aside and let glue cure for 24 hours

Voilà! Custom wall art!
I’d love to hear how it went for you and any alterations you made to make it your own!

Vi ses senare!
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