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As our due date approaches, my belly feels like a ticking time bomb. I have been super antsy about having all the baby items and everything in order before baby Gooch decides to make his entrance. Being this huge, I have been taking full advantage of online shopping. Best. Thing. Ever.

Except when something goes wrong and yesterday something went wrong. Dan and I had a few packages expected and we both received our confirmation emails and tracking numbers. One of my items was my diaper bag. This was a big purchase and I had been waiting until the last minute to purchase it. I was so excited to finally get to organize and fuss with it!

When I got home in the evening, I rushed to check both the front and back doors. Nothing. I checked the order tracking again. Delivered. There was only one explanation for the inconsistency: everything was stolen off our doorstep. The total value of all the items confirmed as delivered came to several hundred dollars. This was the first time I had something of significance stolen from me. It may have been the hormones, but it hit me hard. I broke down and bawled for a good 15 minutes. It wasn’t the financial loss that affected me so; it was the sense that our privacy had been invaded and violated. I felt blindsided and that is never a good feeling when you are 37 weeks pregnant!

I am so thankful for my strong, level-headed husband. He is so good to me. He just soothed me while I blubbered out all my insecurities of my impending motherhood that were triggered by a silly stolen diaper bag. He probably thought that this had to be one impressive diaper bag! Dan contacted the companies and almost everything was promised to be replaced. The whole situation wasn’t the most relaxing experience for a full term mama, but it did provide a needed release for emotions that I had been internalizing. Silver linings and all that.…and no more packages delivered to our front step.

Vi ses senare!
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