Det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder!

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes

Living in Minnesota, one has to staunchly believe in this Swedish {or Norwegian!} saying to survive, although this year it has been particularly hard as we are well on our way to having one of the top five coldest winters on record. Brrrr! Knowing that Ethan would be a baby during the winter, I decided that “only bad clothes” was how I was going to approach his first few months here in the Great White North. I did some research and found that most if not all the day-cares and kindergartens in Scandinavia have nap time outside all through the winter! I wasn't going to go as far as throwing E out in the snow for his daily naps, but I did want to stay active in the outdoors while on maternity leave. My research gave me some good ideas on what clothing pieces to look for and where to draw my threshold as “too cold.” I settled on 5 degrees above zero.

On the few days that met my threshold I took Ethan out for walks around Lake Nokomis. One such afternoon, when the temp was hovering around 32 degrees, I did get a nasty look from a woman who clearly wanted to call social services. She must not have been Scandinavian...

For my walks around the lake I would dress Ethan in a fleece outfit. I would have liked to have had some wool onesies but the one I wanted was a little out of my price range. {and I believe sold out!}
I also had him in some snuggly fleece mittens and a perfect fleece hat with Velcro.

C'mon, the hat is to die for cute...

Ethan is still in his infant car seat that  clicks into the stroller and I wanted to make the infant seat as cuddly as possible. I received a handy, waterproof cover as a shower gift but it would still gap on the sides and let in the cold breezes. My cousin gave me her hand-me-down bundleme that had a panel that went under Ethan so the whole thing could zipper shut. Used together, these covers made it so cozy in E's car seat, I was about ready to crawl in with him!

As it turns out, we have been lucky if the temp hits zero this winter so I guess there must be such thing as bad weather.  Maybe that old Swede or Norwegian who immortalized that saying had just never visited Minnesota…

Ses senare!

Check out this post if you want to see what I use when Ethan is out of his infant carrier.
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