Buying vs. DIY

I have seen some tutorials on how to make your own cloth wipes, but frankly this just doesn’t work for me. I am all about getting my hands dirty and doing things on my own to save a buck or for the sheer satisfaction of creating something but, as an accountant, I can’t justify making my own wipes on a cost-benefit basis. I don’t have “extra cotton flannel” just lying around to make wipes. I would have to make a special trip to a fabric or craft store and buy by the yard. I don’t own a sewing machine (yet) and would have to make arrangements to use my mother’s machine or make the investment. And most importantly, as a working mother, my time is most important to me. I covet every minute I can spend with my precious baby boy. And if that means I go the store and buy the “unnecessary” premade cloth wipes, I will. It means that I can spend the better part of Saturday afternoon watching my son discover his new world rather than parked in front of the sewing machine.

There are DIY superwomen out there posting tutorials left and right. They can make you feel inadequate or even guilty in taking the “easy way out.” Just remember you have to do your own cost-benefit analysis for your situation and make decisions on what works for you. For me, “saving” $9.99 on a pack of 12 wipes wasn’t worth it.

Note: My cousin made a valid point when she gave me the pack of wipes for a shower gift. She said she was happy to support the mama that is trying to establish a business from home by making and selling wipes. I agree. I want to support her too. For any future cloth wipe needs, I plan on purchasing here.

Vi ses senare!
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