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I knew pretty early into my pregnancy that I wanted to use cloth diapers. I saw the ease with which my cousin used them with her son and decided I could make a go of it too {although, I would have to come to terms with laundry tout suite}.  I was also wooed by the “not yo’ mama’s diapers” diatribe. As I was researching the brand and style to use, I came across cloth wipes. More reusables ?  I’m all in! I put a few packs on my registry and didn’t think too much on them since.

Enter tiny, squalling poo machine. In the first weeks of motherhood anything requiring effort from me was out of the question. Bring on the disposables! Although, I think I made pretty good excuses..."Oh yeah, I am cloth diapering, but E is too little to fit in them right now.”  

Slowly but surely energy started to make its way back to normality and I declared that Ethan was big enough to fit in those candy colored dipes! I also found the courage to go into my laundry room. So, I started putting Ethan in his cloth diapers around the house, but still using disposables when we were out and about.
In the evenings, I discovered my husband’s hesitation to the transition. Dan would usually get up to change Ethan while I would get ready to nurse. Let’s just say every night Ethan was back in disposables. I knew this was going to have to be a gradual transition. Over a few weeks we made our way to cloth at night and soon cloth on the road. The last hurdle was using my cloth wipes.

I had to make the move to cloth wipes quickly when my last disposable wipe popped out and I had a poomageddon on the changing table. My husband was a different story. The process had to be just as convenient as disposable wipes for him to not make passive aggressive comments about the decision. A bowl or Tupperware full of wet washcloths was just not an option. I grabbed my wipe warmer and supplies and marched to the kitchen to make this thing work! When my husband changed E’s diaper that evening, he didn’t even comment on the change! Winning!

Here’s what I did:

My supplies:
  • Munchkin wipe warmer
  • 8x8 or 8x6 cotton flannel wipes
  • Dr. Bonner’s liquid castille soap
  • Mixing bowl with some water

The Process:

Fill the bowl with some water and add a few dashes of Dr. Bonner’s soap. Feel free to add a few drops of essential oil for added health benefits and/or aroma.
Add the wipes. Squishing and swooshing them in the water to get fully saturated.

Squeeze out the excess water of one wipe and flat.

Grab the next wipe, squeeze, and lay flat on top of the first wipe, off-center.

Fold the first wipe over the second.

Grab third wipe, squeeze, and lay flat, off-center on the folded over first wipe.

Fold the second wipe over the third.

And so on and so forth….until you have a nice stack of wipes.

Here's a video of the folds.

Drop the stack in the wipe warmer and pull the top wipe through the dispenser. Try it out! The next wipe should pop out easy-peasy!

Tip: I bought plain cream wipes and also received some colored/patterned wipes as a shower gift. I stack the cream wipes together with a few colored ones at the bottom so I know when to make up a new batch. Even better than disposables!

Happy wiping!

Vi ses senare!
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