As Morning Draws Nigh

I have always needed my sleep, like all eight hours. In college, I never pulled an “all-nighter.” Not a one. I still suffered from procrastination, but I always left enough time for at least five hours of sleep. During pregnancy the thought of perpetual sleep deprivation that everyone associates with kids made me a bit wary of what was to come. In hindsight, I could have had an excited anticipation.

The first six weeks were difficult; a time of little sleep and the uncertainty of being a new parent. Once past that six week point we all slipped into an easy schedule. Dan and I were having a time for ourselves in the evening and everyone was getting a full nights rest with only a few night feedings sprinkled in.

As we approach Ethan’s 4th month, his night feedings are slipping away as he sleeps longer stretches at night. He and I are barely hanging on to one feeding at four or five in the morning. These are my absolute favorite feedings. He will nurse very well during the night and is sleepy and cuddly. I can always count on him falling asleep as he finishes and snuggling in close to me. I can’t help but linger in the rocking chair, cradling him to my heart.

At this soft, quiet hour as I watch his cherub face, I can pour my heart out in prayer over my baby. It is special time for me and him, but also a sacred time for me to pray over his heart to our Heavenly Father. It is my hope {and prayer} that as these precious night feedings come to a close, between the loads of laundry, meal planning, and impossibly long commutes, I will still make it a priority to find a quiet place to pray for Ethan. An impeccable house and a gourmet dinner are not nearly as important in his life as his mama’s faithful prayers for a heart that follows after Christ.

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  1. What a beautiful post, Emily! I love you exposing your heart and showering your wee one with prayers. Prayers for both you and baby as these night feedings are waning!


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