Premature Purge

I dropped over thirty pounds in the two weeks following Ethan’s birth. Yay! Since then, I haven’t shed a single pound. Not an iota. For fear of compromising my milk supply, I have no plans for an aggressive change in diet. I just want to eat as clean and wholesome as possible and thankfully I have been feeling more and more comfortable in my skin. That is, until I need to get out of my Lululemon and put on something appropriate. My closet just became a nightmare.

We live in a 1940’s one and a half story Tudor in St. Paul and closet space is at a premium. During pregnancy and post-partum, it has been a battle knowing what to do with my clothes. For almost a year, 95% of my wardrobe does not fit. It is a headache to open my closet and sift through the “fit” and “doesn’t fit” every. single .day.  So, on Saturday, after an infuriating bout with the afore mentioned closet I was ready to throw in the towel and donate or consign all my pieces that didn’t fit. I mentioned this very loudly and passionately to my husband. Leveled headed as he is, he reminded me that donating all my clothes that don’t fit in this particular time would mean I would be giving up, not to mention how expensive it would be to replace an entire wardrobe.

I have not resigned to give up my wardrobe! I may still avoid my closet and stick to my Lululemon a few months more, but I hope that the goal of getting back to my pre-pregnancy clothes will be a motivation and not a reminder of failure. And maybe this breastfeeding thing will kick into high gear. Just maybe…

Vi ses senare!
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