Treasures in the Rafters

Our basement finish project has been marching right along this spring. It has been exciting enough seeing our empty, cinder-block basement start to take shape, but the project recently got a wee bit more thrilling. A couple weekends ago Dan needed to tidy up all the ceiling rafters and joists before spraying the insulation and putting Sheetrock up. After a few hours work, he came into the living room sporting a layer of dust and carrying the long cardboard box you see below.

At first he thought it was a package of fluorescent light bulbs and was going to chuck it! Thankfully he had the good sense to have me check the contents first.

It was a beautiful print of Saint Paul from the Minnesota Historical Society!

Not much is known of the artist, S. Holmes Andrews. Included with the print was a brief description of the painting and the time period in which it was painted. It also had the date of the print, December 1974.

This was by no means a million-dollar-comic-book find, but the it is special to us as it is a beautiful snapshot of our fair city. I am busting at the seams to get it framed and find a place for it in out home. And who doesn't love free art? Am I right?!

Vi ses senare!
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