Day Tripping

My mom is known in our family to always be in "the know" with all the latest goings-on in the Twin Cities. She loves giving us the tidbits she learns from her favorite source - Twitter. She seems to follow all the right information sources, whether they are companies or business journals, that give her a handle on the beat. Yesterday, I finally pulled one on her when I learned about Faribault Woolen Mill's tent sale before she ran across it on her news feed. It was going to be last minute, but I asked if she wanted to take a day trip with me and Ethan to the mill. It was a date!

We got a little later start than we both wanted and got to Faribault half an hour into the sale. There was already a full parking lot and a crowded tent. Walking across the parking lot our anxiety grew with every armful of brown bags that passed by us. What deals were we missing out on?! We headed to the first grouping of bins and I tried calm my internal frenzy. Deals started at $15 and didn't exceed $100 and included both first and second quality items. With such great prices it was hard not to pick up one of everything! Being a half an hour late did mean we missed out on the Betsy Ross flag throw and the Revival blankets. Next year!

After our arms where too full to hold any more wool, we headed over to a cute little sitting area to evaluate our finds and enjoy the beautiful view. Ethan was happy to get out of the hot Ergobaby and sit and pull up as much grass as he could reach.

It was so fun to snag items that I have had my eye on for a few years!

It was quite a task whittling down scarf options to a reasonable few.

After making our final decisions and checking out, we decided to breeze through the downtown before heading back up to the cities. The main drag is beautiful and deserves a longer visit, but we only had time to patron one store. Along with the woolen mill, Faribault is know for their exquisite soft cheeses that are aged in the sandstone caves of the area. So we thought it only fitting to chech out the local fromagerie, The Cheese Cave.

We couldn't leave Faribault without some bleu cheese crumbles! It was such a fun day and just enough adventuring for my little. He's a natural shopper!

After returning home I saw that Target released an article with a sneak peek of their exclusive collection partnership with Faribault Mill. Check out the lookbook here. The items will be available November 2nd. Already making plans to be there at doors open...

Vi ses senare!
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