Deals and Steals

Every September my high school alma mater puts on a massive garage sale in the school hockey arena. Each year there are such great finds to be had that there is sure to be a long line to enter the first day and they can charge admission for the first few hours ($3). Since highshcool, I have always worked on the Friday of the sale and have never been able to participate in the camaraderie of the early morning line and feel the rush of being part the first hundred to have first pick. This year, hell or high water, I was going to be there!

Of course, it was a little more difficult with a 9 month old, but we made it work {I nursed in line!}. I also had a tight budget this year so I decided to stick with just visiting the housewares, antiques, and book sections. One year I would like to find hockey skates or inline skates, but my strategy will have to be a beeline to the sporting goods section as those items seem to disappear instantly.

Per tradition, we always need to take an 11 am break at the food tent for a giant cinnamon or caramel roll and hot coffee out of a real mug. The school has so many coffee mugs donated that they wash and use them in the food tent instead of putting them in the sale. This year we played a little "pass the baby" so mommy got to eat her food hot!

The arena and food tent. The coordinators have this event planned to a T! There is even curbside pick up so you can keep shopping without lugging all your parcels around!

These chairs were owned by a dear friend that passed away earlier this year. A few of her things were donated to the sale. I had hoped to nab something of hers, but all I could find were furniture pieces and I don't have any more space for furniture. A picture will just have to do!

The haul! All of this was under $80! The books were a steal!

Oh, and I can't forget the couch! This leather chesterfield love seat was mine for a whopping $50! So comfy!

Vi ses senare!

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