First World Problems

Ethan first dipped his teeny, tiny little feet into the pacific ocean when he was six weeks. At five months, he went swimming with mommy and daddy in a hotel pool. Both experiences had me ensured that Ethan loved the water and I was bound and determined to enroll him in baby swimming lessons. I mean, just who isn't doing baby swimming lessons?! I made up my mind to enroll him in the summer.

Throughout June and July, on our weekly trips to Lake Nokomis, I would pass Little Beach and Big Beach thinking "Oh, I need to register for swimming lessons!" and "It looks so fun, but I won't take him to the beach until we have done swimming lessons." Now here we are with August in our rear view mirror and barreling our way through September.

The dates of the lessons in August came and went without a ripple on my radar. As soon as I realized we were closing in on September, I finally checked our community pool activities and found that any hope of lessons had evaporated. I missed it. Totally missed it. I felt like I had failed as a new mom. All the "would have been" pictures flooded my mind when I realized I wouldn't have that sweet picture of Ethan in my arms learning to love the water. Thankfully, it dawned on me that I was neck deep in #firstworldproblems. I was not bemoaning missing the development of my child, but the missed opportunity for an amazing instagram picture that was sure to top my likes for the year. Swimming lessons are not mandatory in the first year. I am 100% sure that Ethan will turn out just fine without them and that he will learn to love the water in his own time.

With the "could'a, would'a, should'a" behind us, Dan and I packed Ethan up and took him to Nokomis' Big Beach on most likely the very last sunny and warm day of the season. No time like the present. I'm pretty comfortable with this 11th hour stuff...

I don't think Ethan will have any trouble falling in love with the water. And it was a memorable way to say our bittersweet goodbye to summer.

Vi ses senare!
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