Creating a Harvest Front Stoop

The natural, vibrant colors of fall make it such a fun season to decorate every aspect of the home in the reflection of those colors. {I may go a bit overboard! Shh!} And the front stoop is no exception. This year I was playing with the fun options that have evolved over the past few years {pumpkin topiarieslace pumpkinsglamour, or geometric painted pumpkins}, but I decided to stick to the simple beauty of a natural design. I was able to stay within our budget without a bunch of superfluous craft supply expenses. To style my front step, I tried to follow a few guidelines.

1. Work in Odd Numbers
 Odd numbers are aesthetically pleasing. Grouping the items, whether pumpkins, gourds, lanterns, or flowers in threes and fives helps to avoid the front step looking awkwardly symmetrical. With that being said, symmetry can be beautiful if done well, like these urns for instance.

2. Use Variety
Variety applies to height, texture, and color. Pursuing a variety in height may be the most challenging. I found that I had to go to multiple retailers to get different sizes {I was at a local garden shop, Menards, Trader Joe's, and Festival Foods}. Don't stick to just the plain old pumpkin. There are beautiful gourds available with greens, yellows, vibrant reds, creams, and everything in between. Adding texture means using different materials to provide dimension. Apple crates, baskets, lanterns, urns, and fall flowers breaks up the monotony of a pumpkin laden front step.

3. Pick a Style and Stick to It
With Pinterest, magazines, and the endless need to reinvent the mundane, there are so many styles and designs to choose from to create a beautiful front step. I am drawn to a number of styles but those styles would be considered competing. When I am perusing options I always need to refocus and make sure the option I am deciding on doesn't conflict with my end result. As an example, I would never pair lace pumpkins with hay bales, cornstalks, and country scarecrows.

4. Don't Overcrowd
It is so easy to get carried away with the design that I forget the size of my front step. All those hay bales, cornstalks, and lanterns just won't fit. As beautiful as it would be, my two little steps are nothing like that spacious, pumpkin-adorned veranda in the Pottery Barn catalog. And guest still need to be able to walk through the front door.

Now for inspiration. Of course, there are the obvious Pinterest searches, but if you want to find more than 5 repeating images check out here, here, here and here for a few more looks. I can't deny that Pinterest is good for something. To keep those pesky varmints from obliterating your decor, you can try a few options. You can cover pumpkins in vaseline, sprinkle white vinegar or pet around the area, or coat with hairspray. And you know it will be successful. Pinterest said so.

A quick note: many inspiration entryways use bittersweet in the design, but when I have looked into incorporating this beautiful orange berry in any arrangements I have found that the real bittersweet sprays are too expensive to be realistic. A great option is the Ashland line at Michael's. I was able to purchase a few sprays of bittersweet for a fraction of what a real spray would have cost. The fake stuff looks great and is easy to store for future seasons. It's amazing how far silk flowers have come. Michael's has great sales throughout the autumn, especially in early September.

Vi ses senare!
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  1. All so fun! I really like the link to the glamour pumpkins ;) I may have to try that for MY fall decor next year!


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