A little bit lazy, a little bit genius

Even with the unseasonably warm November and December, Dan and I couldn't manage to get lights on the house. There were a few determining factors, like we don't have a ladder that reaches above two and a half feet, we cut down all viable bushes in June, and we have a baby. The last excuse I will milk as long as I can. However, I was able to pull it together long enough to set our indoors in the holiday spirit, but without any snow, our outdoor facade was looking rather bleak.

I knew if I wanted the front door to share in the festivities, I needed to put something together that didn't require Dan on a ladder and {I feel like I am a broken record} something that wouldn't hurt the budget. Ikea to the rescue! Solution: lanterns lit with a light string and filled with ornaments. My parents had put something similar together to light their deck off the kitchen and I thought it would be the perfect result.

It is possibly the easiest Christmas project of the whole season. Ikea has two sizes of lanterns that are available in either black or white. I also bought a box of Ikea's ball ornaments in gold for $10. There were a few other colors available. I had an extra white icicle string in my Christmas stash that fit in both the small and large lantern along with the entire box of ornament fill. The entire project cost around $30 but it is easy to store and can be used year after year. Cheery lights without needing to untangle! I call that a win!

Vi ses senare!
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