DIY: Carrara Marble Coasters

Carrara marble is addicting. I am obsessed! So when I don't have the funds to update my kitchen counter tops or bathroom vanity with marble I have to find small ways to incorporate it in my decor. My cork coasters had seen better days and were quickly becoming Ethan's favorite thing to chew on, so I took the opportunity to satisfy both a want and a need. 

Hopping on the old, trusty Amazon I found some tiles that could easily be turned into coasters with some simple tweaking. A bought a few tiles and some cork for a protective backing and got cracking. When the tiles arrived, I was taken back a bit by how large they looked. I checked around to see if there were smaller tiles available, but I didn't have any luck finding tiles at the same price point. When I tested the 6" tiles in my family room, with a mug of coffee, I found that they worked just fine. And the larger size added versatility as the coasters could double as a trivet or a unique cheese board. I'm definitely seeing a wine and cheese party in the near future!

The Materials:
Utility knife or scissors
Marble Loctite adhesive
Compass {the one without a needle}

The Method:
  • Measure a 5" round on the cork roll with a compass {I tried to pic one up at Target with no luck, so I used a round item in my house with the same effect}
  • Squeeze the adhesive on the cork piece
  • Center on the back of the tile and press down
  • Flatten out the adhesive or it will dry bumpy
  • Leave to dry under weight for a few hours

Voila! Elegant and sophisticated coasters for under $4 a piece! They turned out exactly as I had hoped and added the je nais se quoi my family room was begging for.

Happy crafting!

Vi ses senare!
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