Getting Over the Big Reveal

I know it. You know it. HGTV knows it. We are all hooked on the big reveal. We will sit through an hour of television fluff for the last 5-10 minutes to see the perfectly remodeled and staged kitchen or living area. Before and afters on Pinterest or home blogs are just as celebrated. We ooh and ahh at the impeccably coordinated decor and furniture, whether or not it is functional for actual living. I have to cry foul. This is not reality!

Even through this humble platform, I hesitate to share progress as my progress doesn't warrant a Pinterest perfect "before and after." Well, enough is enough. I am ready to get over the big reveal. I think it is safe to assume that a majority of design enthusiast don't sketch out a design, set aside a few thousand dollar budget, and hit the stores ticking off needed items. If the average American home designer is anything like me, I am sure it's a bit more messy. I scour craigslist. For. Months. I run into Target to buy diapers and I somehow walk out with candle stands for the mantel. I buy. I return. I re-purpose. I realize what I bought can no longer be returned and no longer serves its purpose and must be posted to craigslist. It's like a never-ending cycle.

My freshly finished basement family room had an upside down cardboard box as a coffee table for three months. Three months, people. My husband kept on commenting on his "favorite piece of furniture." We eventually were able to settle on a more permanent coffee table. But that is what I am trying to communicate. To champion the small improvements as that is reality. I am not expecting a whirlwind renovation and a staged space that only took five hours. This is hearsay, but I did hear that those shows have stagers show up with a truck load of decor options and test different pieces until they settle on the perfect coordination. I don't know about you, but I can't swing a truckload of decor options, I don't care how good of deal HomeGoods can offer.

Every deliberately placed coffee table book or change in lampshades is a small victory. Share it with me and I'll share my new salt and pepper shakers with you. We can celebrate the changes we can make together. It may not be a grand reveal, but those small improvements make you smile and I promise, it will make me smile, too.

Vi ses senare!
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