Putting Cloth Diapers in Timeout

I love cloth diapering. Love it. I still claim that I prefer CDing over sposies any day. I think CDs are so much easier. I mean, who likes having a poo-filled diaper being flung around by baby's sock and those sticky velcro tabs? Not this lady. I never had diaper rash issues, leaking, or detergent build-up almost the entire year before Ethan turned one. At least not until his eye episode.

How it happened, we'll never know. And even now it's still conjecture, but I think when Ethan got food in his eye and the consequent eye infection, our CDing mojo got upended. Ethan's eye infection required antibiotics, which depleted his gut flora, which led to a yeast rash. Yeah, not a fun month. We were pretty tired of using our wipes double time {I would put a wipe in the diaper to protect the 4.0 from the Nystatin} so we decided to use disposables while Ethan recuperated.

Thus the downward spiral. Ethan was wetting through the disposables every night and each time I tried to revert back to cloth, he would wet through those, too. My husband wasn't as accepting of the cloth diapers as he was previously, so it was harder to get into a routine. The diaper pail liner switched to plastic to accommodate disposables and I gave in to a laundry vacation.

Every once in a while I will put Ethan in the cloth during the day and let Dan put sposies on him at night {although Ethan rarely wakes up not soaked to his armpits}. Honestly, I would really like to have him using cloth all the time again. What I miss most is Ethan's odor free nursery. We never had an issue with diaper smell because cloth diapers got rinsed each dirty change and laundered every other day. The diapers weren't given a chance to sit and smell. With disposables, diapers tend to sit in the pail much longer, making Ethan's room smell less than wonderful.

Not wanting to throw more money after madness, I haven't seriously looked into the leakage issue. I am positive, if I can get Ethan to wake up dry with a cloth diaper, I can sway Dan back to using cloth. I have yet to try double stuffing, but I am willing to give it a shot. So as of now, all 23 diapers sit in pretty stacks, untouched. It's a waste of prime drawer space, but I can't bring myself to pack up the diapers and resign to trying with the next baby. I'm just not ready to give in yet. So this is just a timeout. Yeah, that's it...

I would love to hear from veteran CD mamas! As your baby grew, what solutions did you use to keep him dry? Do some liners work better than others? I have heard of triple stuffing diapers, do they get huge?

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