Resolution & Recommitment

New Years resolutions have started to become passe in the blogsphere. The New Years resolution has been updated, reinvented, and renamed ad nauseam. Well, I think its time to get back to the basics. In the past, I have halfway thought of goals or resolutions for the new year, but I never wrote them down or even made complete thoughts. This year, I fully threw my time and effort into creating a few resolutions, writing them down, and making myself accountable to their success. Easier said than done. But so worth the effort!

So here are my 2015 New Year's Resolutions, my accountability partners!

1. Live a 1941 life. Living tiny has started to gain popularity in the past few years. Tiny living emphasizes selling and donating most of one's possessions and living with only the necessities in a couple hundred square feet. {Check out some fun tiny houses here} It is a movement that I can appreciate the fervor of not being beholden to one's material possession, but I still feel that the results are a bit extreme. If not regretful. Although material possessions, as the saying goes "can't be taken with you," there is sentimental value in material items. Needless to say we are not selling all we own and jumping in 200 square foot camper. But, I believe striving to live a 1941 life is a happy balance. We live in a house that was built in 1941, a different time. Closets were smaller because people didn't own as many clothes, kids shared rooms, and kitchens were smaller because gadgets and gizmos were unnecessary. I want to adapt the same outlook on personal belongings as someone living in 1941. If I am pining to purchase something, I will have to know exactly were it will go in my home or I will need to pass on it. Living with this outlook will not only help with the clutter. but also the pocketbook.

2. Recommit to Quiet Time with Jesus. Every year my church offers a year-long Bible reading plan. Every year I start faithfully and peter-out around March or April. Even last year I bought a Bible that breaks up the OT, NT, and Psalms into 365 daily passages. Again, I didn't keep up with the daily readings. This year I will recommit my heart to faithfully staying in the Word every single day of 2015. I can only achieve success if I don't think of it as a chore or task to complete, but seek these quiet times as a desire of my heart that I long for. If actions truly speak louder than words, I want to show that Jesus is my priority by practicing the spiritual discipline of being in the Word daily.

3. Engage in Purposeful Mothering. As Ethan has been developing, I have noticed that my mothering has been lagging. Ethan is curious, open, and adventurous. Selfishly, I still want to reclaim his newborn days when my mind could be focused on my tasks and desires as long as I was satisfying his needs. Well, his needs have expanded from just the diaper change, nap, and bottle. He needs to be read to consistently, sung to, and shown how to play. All of these things are my responsibility as his mother. I need to engage in his development rather than continuing to try to get him to play quietly on his own so I can write or surf the web. That drivel is meaningless; Ethan needs to come first.

Thank you for reading and holding me accountable to my resolutions! Have any of my resolutions resonated with you? What have you committed to improve this year?

Gott nytt år!
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