DIY: Birchbark Napkin Rings

I am obsessed with birch, Obsessed. Almost to the point where I consciously have to remind myself to step away from the birch. Sometimes there is such thing as too much of a good thing. Well, today isn't one of those times.

I haven't had much opportunity to work with the back side of birch. The white, marled, flakely side of birch is what is so #onfleek right now, but the reverse side offers a subtle and Scandinavian style that is just as beautiful. I still had a bunch of birch sheets on hand from my wedding and I thought I needed to make good use of it. The sheets weren't flexible enough to weave, but they were pliable enough to bend softly. I thought napkin rings would be a perfect fit! And just in time for Valentine's Day!

After a bit of troubleshooting, wandering around Home Depot, and enlisting the help of my husband, I think I have a pretty easy DIY that also doesn't break the bank. Hope you enjoy!

The Materials

Birchbark sheets
HVAC ducting piece
Amazing Goop
Sheet metal scissors*
Vice grips {2+}
Cardstock or paper
Soft measuring tape
Napkin ring {as a size and bending guide}

*I understand this is not necessarily a common household item. I just happen to have a mechanic/handyman husband that owns a plethora of tools. So this could be a deal breaker for the project, unless you glue the birch onto store-bought, simple, cheap napkin rings.

The Method
  • Measure the store-bought napkin ring and create a template on the cardstock
  • Trace the template onto the sheet metal and cut out
  • Bend the flat sheet metal around the store-bought napkin ring, mark where the ends overlap
  • Put a small amount of Goop on the overlapping sheet metal, bend again to attach, and secure with a vice grip. Leave to dry over night.
  • Trace the same template onto the birch bark sheet and cut out
  • Put a small amount of Goop on about 1/4 - 1/3 of the napkin ring, attach the birch bark to the napkin ring and secure with vice grips. Leave to dry overnight. {there will be a portion of the bark that is not attached}
  • Repeat the previous step until the whole piece of bark is attached to the napkin ring, then glue the overlap and secure with a vice grip.

Homemade, birch napkin rings! The whole process does take time {especially when making 6 or 8 rings} because of the drying time, but the results are worth it! Also, the time line can be reduced depending on how many vice grips you own! I only had access to two, so my project was drawn out.

Happy Valentine's Day!
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