Nordic Style: ArchitectMade

I thought it would be fun to start highlighting some of my favorite iconic Nordic style items. Whether its an item on my wishlist or something I have finally been able to add to my home, I hope to start a dialogue about some wonderful Scandinavian designs! Up first is the ArchitectMade Bird, first designed in 1959. I have had my eye on one of these for years and I was finally able to pick one up in a modern boutique in Vancouver this past May. The simple, whimsical design begs your attention.

Most of the designs come in the natural wood or a smoked option. I couldn't pass up the beautiful, dark smoked bird.

Possibly the best part of the design is the head is cradled in a "cup" in the body so you can play around with the shape of the bird. Turn the body upside down and it looks like he has fluffed up shoulders, or what ArchitectMade calls creating a male or female bird. Swivel the head and he can look any direction you please, giving the bird myriad emotions.

Check out more animals and designs at ArchitectMade. Finding a retailer might prove more difficult. There are a few stores in the US that carry their designs and a quick Google search indicated that Lumens offers most of the bird figurines.

Vi ses senare!
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  1. I'm in love with this little bird. I especially like him 'fluffed' up. This is a really fun series

    1. You would love the store I got it at! If ever you make it up to Vancouver soon, I so recommend stopping by Vancouver Special! It's all so Scandi-Mod!


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