DIY: Påskris or Swedish Easter Tree

Holy Week is upon us and I have been busy decking the house in all manner of spring and Easter decorations. We have to make the the inside bright and festive when the outdoors still looks like November, right? Of course a Swedish Easter Tree [påskris] was an obvious addition to my decor.

I have always loved incorporating Scandinavian traditions into our holidays, i.e. Santa Lucia Day or Midsommer, but the Swedish Easter traditions have not made an appearance in our festivities as they don't appeal to my Christian sensitivity. As Sweden has become a more secular society, so has their Easter celebrations. So I'll just leave those in the motherland to dress up like witches. I give that a hard pass.

The påskris was my one exception! I love the whimsical look of dressing up bare birch branches with fluffy feathers. The Easter tree usually has a variety of colorful feathers, but I decided I wanted to make a softer, more natural Easter tree for my decor. The naturally feathers took a bit more effort to find, but I was extremely happy with the outcome.

The Materials
  • birch twigs
  • feathers
  • embroidery string or glue
  • glitter spray

The Method
  • Spray glitter on twigs, let dry for 24 hours
  • Arrange twigs in vase
  • Tie a loose knot around branch, slide the shaft through the knot and tighten
  • Or use glue to adhere the feathers
  • Repeat until reached desired fullness
  • Add hanging blown eggs or papercut flowers and animals (optional)

It was about 30* when I decided to glitter bomb the twigs and I was inappropriately dressed = wear your hood.
When you have to shake the paint can for 2 minutes, you might as well do jumping pictures. Or so my sister says...

I would love to see your påskris! If you have one to share, please post a pic to Nordic by Nature's Facebook page.

Vi ses senare!
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