DIY: Spring Yarn Pom-Pom Garland

Spring has sprung and left me with an insatiable desire to lighten and brighten my decor. So when my sister texted me a picture of a glorious mix of colored yarn and told me we were going to make pom poms, who was I to refuse? I thought a yarn pom pom garland would be perfectly whimsical addition to the dining room. A soon as Ethan drifted off for a nap, we got crackin' on our crafting.

The poms were easy, fun, and a bit reminiscent of the Koosh balls from my childhood. Enjoy!

The Materials
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Darning Needle
  • Clothes pin
  • Access to coffee table legs
The Method
  • Securely tie yarn to one coffee table leg. Start wrapping yarn around two table legs.
  • Keep wrapping until you reach the desired thickness. Tie off on the table leg.
  • For a marker, cut a length of yarn you would like your poms to be. Fold the marker in half and lay on your yarn next to one table leg.
  • Tie off the yarn at the end of your marker.
  • Unfold the marker and place on the yarn again, but this time at full length. Again, tie off the yarn at the end of the marker. Continue until the whole length of yarn is tied off and looks like a Jasmine braid. :)
  • Cut the yarn off the table legs.
  • Cut the strand in the middle between two ties and continue until the strand is cut completely apart.
  • Fluff the poms and trim to make them round and even.
  • Repeat with various colors.
  • Garland: lay out desired pattern, thread darning needle with yarn string, and thread the poms carefully. Move poms along yarn for desired spacing.
To make the marled poms, I used two different tones of pink. For every light pink wrap, I did two dark pink wraps. The clothes pin helped keep the yarn that I wasn't working with in place and taut.

Vi ses senare!
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