Master Bedroom: Closet

So, we may be putting the cart before the horse, but sometimes it just has to be done. When my in-laws went through a large renovation, they had an old closet system they gifted us. My mother-in-law generously offered to have it installed whenever we wanted. I kept putting it off as I had always hoped to be able to finish our half story with a master bath, bedroom, and of course, walk in closets. But after three years of telling her we were waiting for the remodel, I decided I would rather have the closet now. Nothing like living in the present!

Our upstairs is semi-finished, with cheap carpeting and original cardboard-like tile paneling for the walls and ceiling. But it is a great space that we wanted to start utilizing even before it reached its full potential.

Also, I desperately wanted a designated home for my clothes. Up until this point, I had clothes in bins in the basement, in one and a half closets in Ethan's room, stacked in piles on the second story, and hanging in the crawlspace. Putting together a complete outfit was a nightmare! I was more than ready to consolidate my clothes.

After telling my mother-in-law we were ready to pull the trigger and a day of re-configuring and installing the unit, I had "walk in" closet! I don't think I could put my clothes in it fast enough! I still need to enlist the help of my sister to reorganize. She is a closet organizing genius! I'm still beyond thrilled to finally have a functioning closet! And one that's all mine! :)

Our whole upstairs has become a dumping ground for old furniture and items we want to sell on Craigslist. Can't wait to make this a usable space!

Vi ses senare!
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  1. Your closet looks like a dream. It's so fun organizing and finding forgotten items!

    1. Thanks, Laura! It's exciting! And great to figure out what I can sell/donate! :)


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