Momma, We Know Your Struggle

Hey, momma. I just want you to know, when we look at you, we don't see failure. We don't consider ourselves "successes." We want to work just as hard as you to eradicate that failure versus success verbiage. It's hurtful and unhelpful.

We know your struggle.

Many of us have been there, too. But for some reason, out of our control, we've been given the opportunity to struggle a bit longer. 

Just know, beyond a shadow of doubt, that we don't judge you or view you as a failure. We don't blame you or fault you for your milk supply. We know that you have tried every method under the sun, obsessing about keeping those ounces flowing.

You aren't alone in those crazed Google searches, total meltdowns, and last ditch purchases. Most moms, regardless of whether they were able to continue breastfeeding or not, have felt the stress, the burden, and the fear of losing their supply. 

We, too {for sure me, personally} have used the cluster pumping, double pumping, and triple feed methods. Ate more oatmeal than we have in our lifetime. Popped fenugreek pills like vitamins. Drank gallons of Mother's Milk tea or Pregnan-Tea. Snacked on lactation cookies. Fed on demand. Used breast compression. Took nursing vacations. Made time for skin to skin feedings. And meticulously monitored our food {protein and fats} and water intake. It was crazy. It seemed stupid. And most methods didn't help or work. But you gave it a shot. You went the distance.

Momma, I want to tell you, we think you are brave. You made the hard decision to switch to bottle-feeding when every fiber in your being didn't want to. You understand that feeding you baby is more important than what you feed her. For that we applaud you. You did the hard thing.

We know the "breast is best" mantra is being continually chanted in your ear, but know that it isn't our war cry. We are all mommas wanting to do what is best for our babies and waging a breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding mom war isn't what's best. Hopefully the chanting will subside or not ring so loudly in your ear as you grow comfortable in the knowledge that your baby doesn't need you any less. We don't come bearing breastfeeding weapons, but respect, support, and graciousness. We are all just moms and we don't need labels to differentiate us. We are in this together.

With all our love and support,
Breastfeeding mommas


Please don't take this as a "this is how you do it." I just want to provide more ammunition to make informed decisions. There is an easy and economical {cheaper than traditional formula} method to make your own formula. It can be frozen and stored like breast milk. Radiant Life sells kits in 1, 3, and 6 month options. Each time my supply seemed to dwindle, I knew this was the option I was going to choose if I needed to switch to formula with Ethan. There are also other options to make formula at home. A quick Google or Pinterest search will call up a variety of recipes. Always approve feeding changes with your pediatrician.

I understand that losing your milk supply can be stressful and sometimes heartbreaking. Here's some encouragement from a breastfeeding-turned-bottle-feeding momma.

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  1. What a wonderful post (letter) Emily! This is super encouraging and the struggle is SO REAL! Thanks for this - and for the link love!

    1. Thanks so much, Laura! And of course! You are an inspiration! :)


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