Nordic Style: Kubus 4 by Lassen

This Nordic Style brings us yet again to an iconic Danish design. The Kubus candlestick was designed in 1962 by architect Mogens Lassen, who had a remarkable sense of proportion and mathematics. Each candlestick was, and still is, made with exactitude and the relationship between the sides is calculated with great precision. A truly aesthetically pleasing piece.

Lassen has acquired a number of designs that it sells in its array of products, but arguably, the most identifiable is still the Kubus candlestick. The Kubus has been on a home decor wishlist of mine for quite a while, and sadly there it must stay. The Kubus is an investment piece as the price ranges from $88 to $245, depending on color and number of candle holders. If you are ready to take the leap and become a Kubus owner, there are a few dealers in North America, but I found that Fullhouse Modern in Vancouver seemed to be the most accessible.

Of course, if you can't own {like me}, there is always imitation! While roaming the aisles at Target Canada {RIP}, I saw this piece by Roots Canada. It had a similar design to the Kubus and only set me back $7. Unfortunately, Target has since pulled out of Canada, but I am sure with some diligent poking and prodding one could find a similar design. The clean lines of mid century modern are so popular now, there is plenty of repetition and imitation to be found.

Vi ses senare!

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