Helping a MN Maker Succeed

Saturday was the perfect day for a sister [+ baby] adventure. The sun was shining and the temps were finally hitting the sixties. The HAMMS Event had been on my calendar for months and I was excited that we had gotten a beautiful day to explore our city and shop some handcrafted goodies.

But first, some coffee. Claddagh Coffee was our first stop. Set in an old building, seeping with charm, this Irish coffee shop was almost enough to make us sit a few hours on the patio. As for their coffee, I had the St. Paddy's and I'm already scheming to make it back to have another. Even as the cafe chairs were calling our name, we shoved off and headed to the event.

The HAMMS Event is a Minnesota specific pop up sale. It is a great way to learn about new products being made here in Minnesota and also meet the artists and craftsmen [and women!] who produce it. The list of vendors for this year had few makers that I knew but a host of makers I was eager to meet.

It was a pleasure visiting all the booths, but there were a few that we lingered at the longest. The Red Cedar Artist Scrap Metal Sculptures had a variety of wonderful and whimsical scrap metal animals, flora, and skiers. They were also selling state cut outs with hearts. I chatted with a fellow event goer that was purchasing a handful of MN hearts; she said she had friends living elsewhere that needed some Minnesota love. What a great gift!

We thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful art and snarky comments that went hand-in-hand with the wearable art Made By Michelle Brusegaard. I couldn't leave her booth without the screen printed butterfly wing earrings or one of her fun cards. I think I will be saving my pennies for one of her infinity scarves, too!

The simple, yet elegant felt mobiles of Dundry Hill were the talk of the event. Of course I had to stop and take a few pics, keeping them in mind for whenever baby #2 becomes a reality. Ethan is a bit old to use as an excuse to purchase one of their mobiles. Shucks! It is always a treat to see Great Lakes Clothing Co. and dream of bonfires by the lake on cool summer evenings. Their hats and sunwashed clothing make a perfect pairing.

Pucker up! We also visited the Stormsisters' booth to try a few shades of their "ethically sourced, vegan, and gluten free" lipsticks. The lipsticks are long lasting and hydrating. And with 14 colors, you can pick your shade of the day! Unfortunately, their booth was an orange, up-lit table that made it a bit harder to choose the right color, but definitely check out their lipsticks to try in person.

On our way out we stopped to sample Blue Henn's tonic syrup [with a splash of Norseman Gin!]. The tonic is a unique and wonderful addition to any bar. The handcrafted mixer your small batch liquor deserves. It was also so refreshing to have a cocktail accouterment handcrafted by two women. Way to go, ladies!

I would love to write a little about each vendor, but I encourage you to check out the vendor list and get familiar with the makers on their websites. You can shop online or learn where you can find their products in your local boutiques and marketplaces.

Armed with caffeine, we headed down the street to the Schmidt Artist Lofts. It was a great venue for the event.

The brewery was begging to be photgraphed...

Trying some StormSisters' lipstick.

After meandering our way through all the vendors, we relaxed in the Schmidt Artist Lofts' courtyard and soaked up some sun. On one end of the courtyard were a few food trucks offering some scrumptious eats.

Of course, this post wouldn't be complete without a snap of my purchases. LOVE my goodies! Wore the earrings the next day and had a Blue Henn gin and tonic that evening. Delish!

The HAMMS Event is a yearly event. If you missed the 2015 event, check out their website and follow them on facebook or twitter to find out about next year's event and new makers that will be added. See you next year!

Vi ses senare,
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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my lipstick collection and for supporting our Makers. Cheers!

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