Linnea || Three Month Update

Aaaaannnnddd, we are out of the fourth trimester! We officially have a three month old on our hands! Here's a quick update on the changes in the past month.

Linnea is still proving to be a difficult eater, although she has been improving, albeit slowly. She is still exclusively breastfeeding. She is feeding between 5-7 times in a 24 hour period. She is impatient for my let down and I tend to need to manually express before she will latch. Feeding in public is an absolute nightmare and I dread needing to do so. She will get fussy when any type of cover is put over her head and with the latch issues discretion is totally out of the question. She usually builds up a good squall to make sure everyone in a 20 yard diameter are watching us. Bottles are even more difficult. Trying to bottle feed usually elicits a strong disapproval from her so we haven't gotten very far with preparation for my return to work. Of course she takes the bottle fairly well when I am out of the room and she knows there isn't a better option. I think the feeding overview would be: Just keep trying. I am hoping that in most areas she will just keep getting better and better and for now we just need the patience to allow her to grow.

NaeNae is a champ! She continues to sleep through the night, giving us a good eight to nine hours of sleep (my husband and I LOVE our sleep). She usually feeds for the last time at 9ish in the pm and doesn't feed again until seven or eight in the morning. She is still sleeping in the lounger by our bed. Naps are a bit more sporadic. I try to read her queues and let her sleep on demand. She seems to be very sleepy in the morning and early afternoon, having a lengthy wakeful period during the evening. Gone are the days she will sleep in her crib on her belly so she has been doing most of her day napping in her swing. I really want to get her weened off that swing! But she is sleeping, so I guess I must choose my battles.

Little girl is really showing her personality lately. She has such a sweet disposition! She is very watchful and responds to facial changes in those interacting with her. She has started to smile at anyone who talks to her. She is also getting to be quite talkative. But she seems to store up all her stories to share with dad. She coos non-stop when she is looking at him. It is so precious! We are still working on tummy time. She only lasts a few minutes before squalling, so we are trying to get a few more sessions in every day. She is making leaps and bounds in holding up her head on her own and she isn't "dive bombing" out of our arms as frequently. I have had some concerns over torticollis and flattening of the back of her head, so we have been working on trying to get her to turn her head both ways and making sure to change positioning.

Ethan is absolutely in love with his baby sister. When anyone asks him where Linnea or his sister is, he happily points her out. Anytime Linnea is on the floor hanging out or doing some tummy time, Ethan needs to be right there, snuggling with her. He loves kissing her goodnight and tries to hold her any chance he gets. A few days ago, when putting him down for a nap, I told him I loved him and he quickly responded, "I love Nay-a." It about melted my heart!

The evening fussy-fest has finally abated! Woot! Woot! So now, after putting down the exuberant toddler, Dan and I can have our relaxing evenings back. Bring on the Netflix and Chill! Moving on from the newborn stage has definitely lower the stress level in our relationship. We have been able to get back to having fellowship with each other instead of just coordinating our duties to maintain the household. We actually had our first date night without both kids this month and it was marvelous! I absolutely love my kids but I do crave alone time with my husband, so this was a treat.

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