Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs! My name is Emily and I am wife to Dan and mama to our sweet baby Ethan. I am a new wife and mama balancing my job as an accounting manager while desperately trying to keep up with my homemaking and, of course, being the best mom I can be for Ethan.

Growing up in south Minneapolis, I was heavily influenced by my mom’s Norwegian and Swedish heritage. I have strongly identified with the historical Scandinavian culture and adopted many of its traditions. Then I up and married a Mexican and moved to St. Paul, where I continue to be unapologetically Scandinavian but with a little Latin spice in the mix.

Join me as I fumble through homemaking and motherhood, occasionally seeking the support from those who have done it before {because I will never be too old to ask my mom for help!}  You are sure to find ramblings and discoveries of motherhood, my thoughts on a few products and good reads, and maybe a few DIY projects thrown in for good measure. So, I’d love to talk babies, books, and of course, all things Nordic with you!

Vi ses senare!
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